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Professional Development: What's your inspiration?

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I'm looking to gather resources and insight for our staff.  So, I'm reaching out to the ASCDEdge community for inspiration regarding professional development. If had to identify one teaching method or one area of study as most influential in your career, what would it be and how did it impact the momentum of your career?

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28 May 15, 02:56 PM

Vivian, There are two general areas I recommend for your consideration - Deeper, and engaging learning - through approaches such as Challenge-Solving Projects (see, Service Learning, Expeditionary Learning, Project-Based Learning. When these approaches are provided well, learners are intrinsically motivated and progress in content knowledge and understanding, the four Cs (critical thinking, communications, collaboration, creativity), inquiry, problem-solving, and realization that they can contribute positively to life. The second recommendation is Developmental Coaching. For strategies/concepts presented to faculty and staff at a professional development session or workshop to make an impact on most students' learning, follow-up is needed for ex. with instructional coaching. In Developmental Coaching peers interact with the recipient taking the lead. See

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