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Knowledge building

I have tried to integrate the concept of knowledge building into the curriculum and it allows students to develop their critical thinking, collaboration skills and creativity (3Cs) with the facilitation of teachers through scaffolding and rise-above processes.

This year we also continue some tryouts with the application of Knowledge Forum (You may find details at: ) in different grades. In these tryouts, we also advocate global education through some internation collaboration with the use of Web 2.0 tools.


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10 Oct 10, 07:10 PM

Hi Sally,


Interesting to hear about your work. My school will be looking a running a pilot project exploring knowledge building next year. It would be great to hear more about your learning and experiences to date with this innovation. Successes, challenges, or any other insights your have developed along the way.


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29 Mar 10, 10:55 PM

I've found the free research tool Diigo in Education (Teacher account) to be beneficial in many ways. The students can bookmark, highlight, and annotate their researched sites so that their own ideas are recorded at the time of the reading. Later students can retreive their notes and highlights to transform those ideas into their projects.


Students can also use the tool to reflect on their own or their peers writing for feedback on what to revise.


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