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Hot Topic Session: Whole Child Initiative Focus Group

Friday, July 23, 1:30 p.m.

Presented by Molly McCloskey

Committed to moving ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative from Vision to Action in your school, district, state, province, and/or country? Join us for an intense, interactive session of brainstorming and dialogue about next steps and future directions for you, your constituent group, and ASCD overall.

What is your school, district, state, province, and/or country already doing to support the whole child?

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17 Jul 10, 03:51 PM

I am really looking forward to this session!  We all realized the importance of addressing the needs of the whole child and many of us have signed the petition. But now it is time to get really busy and start making the difference in our actions, schools, and state. 


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