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Why We Love Educators

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It’s teacher appreciation week and we couldn’t resist sharing our own A-Z Guide for why we love educators so much!

A - is for your attentiveness. You pay attention to your students and get to know each one personally.

B - is for your best self. We love how you manage to give your students your best selves each and every day.

C - is for your courage. You’re undaunted by the naysayers and your critics and press on to do what’s right for students no matter what.

D - is for your discipline. You resist the pull of the latest fad and stick to those principles that are best for your students.

E - is for your effort. You always give 200% on behalf of your students.

F - is for your focus. You don’t let anything distract you from your purpose and your goals.

genG - is for your generosity. You unselfishly give of yourself to all your students and their families.

H - is for your heart. You don’t just “phone it in.” You teach from your hearts.

I - is for your individuality. There is no one version of a master teacher. Instead, you are able to be exactly who you are and still be a master at your craft.

J - is for the joy you bring to the classroom and to the lives of the students you serve.

K - is for your kindness. You show your compassion for your students and meet them where they are.

L - is for your laughter. You aren’t afraid to laugh at yourselves and with your students.

M - is for mastery. You are not content to settle for what is mediocre. You keep striving for mastery getting better and better each day.

N - is for your nurturing. You take care of your students and do your best to meet both their academic and personal needs.

O - is for your optimism. No matter what, you always believe in the best for your students.

P - is for your passion. We love that bring passion to everything that you do.

Q - is for your quality. Everything you do is done with quality.

R - is for the risks you take as you stretch, grow, and challenge both yourselves and your students.

S - is for how smart you are. Although others try to “teacher proof” teaching, we want you to know that we recognize and celebrate your intelligence.

T - is for your time. The late nights planning and grading, the missed lunches while you work with students, and the extra hours you put in each day to make sure that your students are successful.

U - is for underrated. You don’t often get the acknowledgement you’re due.

V - is for your vision. You don’t just see the students in front of you; you see their potential and work hard to help each student achieve his potential.

W - is for your wisdom accumulated over years of working with children.

X - is for how xeniel you are. You welcome every student, no matter who he or she is into your classrooms with open arms.

Y - is for your youthfulness. Being around students keeps you young no matter what your age.

Z - is for zeal. We love how you are zealous about helping every child succeed.

How would you add to this list? We'd love to hear your thoughts.​ Share them here.

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