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Technology Is Making Our Classrooms Better

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2017 will be the year of education technology. Despite the changing state requirements and a relatively volatile market, there are several education technology startups that are doing well and providing teachers and students with improved learning experiences. Classrooms are sure to get better – and more exciting – with the help of these new technologies.

VR and AR Learning

One of the ways EdTech is changing classrooms is through enhanced learning methods. Teachers and students are no longer limited by the conventional learning methods. Recent research has confirmed that students who learn things using interactive methods learn up to 80% more than those that rely on textbooks. Interactive learning is the future.

Fortunately, schools now have more access to VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) learning materials. Instead of reading about Mars, for example, teachers and students can take an actual tour of the planet using a centralized computer and VR headsets.

Interactive elements are also being added to conventional textbooks. Teachers can engage more students through the use of augmented reality. AR allows students and teachers to interact with 3D augmented elements as part of the learning process. As a result, students can learn faster and more effectively.

More Resources for Teachers (and Students)

Other EdTech startups focus more on providing teachers with the best resources possible. USATestprep, an EdTech startup founded by two former teachers, is a great example of such a startup. The company is making keeping up with state tests and requirements a lot easier by providing teachers with all of the resources they need in one spot.

Thanks to the more common use of laptops and tablets in class, teachers can access the USATestprep resources and help their students strive in class. Students can also access the same digital materials easily as well as complete other tasks directly on their devices.

It doesn’t stop there either. USATestprep is also compiling a long list of teaching materials to further support teachers in classrooms. The company is in a unique position to do so because the majority of its team members are former teachers.

Issues to Solve

Despite the rapid growth of education technology, there are still issues that teachers and startups face. The volatile nature of our educational landscape is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Changing state regulations and other external factors are making it difficult for startups to provide the right products for every situation.

On the other hand, funding is causing a problem of its own. Not all schools can afford to spend a lot of money to support their teachers with the latest technology. It is also not always possible to provide teachers and students with the latest tools to improve learning experiences and effectiveness.

These two major issues are being solved by EdTech startups. USATestprep, the company that we talked about earlier, for example, is making its platform as user-friendly and accessible as possible. EdTech startups are also working with the less tech-savvy teachers to help introduce more tech to classrooms. With new updates and efforts being made, 2017 will be an interesting year for education technology indeed.

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