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Sandy Hook Remembrance: Allison N. Wyatt

(NOTE: At the requeset of my dear friend, Mike Fisher, many of us are writing tributes to the victims of Sandy Hook.)

Allison Wyatt,  6 Years Old 

I never met Allison Wyatt, but after seeing her endearing photo on her Facebook page dedication I feel that I had a glimpse of an angel. Her smile is easy and soft and she is comfortable as she looks at the camera.   Allison was lovely. I flashed on what her parents and family must be feeling a year later with the sincere hope that they are finding some peace.      

The Sandy Hook tragedy is still palpable.   Fathoming the events is simply not fully possible.    

A few weeks ago I was walking through a school in New Fairfield, Connecticut, a few miles from Sandy Hook with the building principal who is a close personal friend.   I had always wanted to see 'her school'.   It was a beautiful facility with engaged kids.  There was a surprising moment as she noted that the security on the doors totally changed.  No visitor can actually go straight into the building,   but is viewed  through a security camera then circumvented through a tight office corridor.  The entire school population practice lock-downs several times a year now with escape routes.   Sandy Hook changed the entry way into elementary school.  

After reading the comments on the Facebook page about Allison it is clear that during her short time on the planet, she had already become a treasured person. We are educators and every day in schools see a radiant face like Allison's regularly.  Bright, engaged, lively faces accompanied by loud, playful, laughs, cries, and talking.     She  reminds me that in the classroom, on the playground, or the school bus- children are life.

Allison's Facebook Page: 


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