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New Schooled

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It’s time to get New Schooled. No…correct that. It’s past time. You’re overdue. If you haven’t got with the program yet, please consider this your wake-up call!

Build a new school? Form a charter? Single-handedly change education? No!

Reflect the shift that has taken place across the globe: let go and give up control. Open the doors and windows of your old school ways and let the fresh air in...fresh perspective…fresh ideas…fresh insights…fresh approaches to solving problems…fresh ways to be innovative…fresh ways to be relevant!

What? You’ve been hearing about this for the last decade?

You thought you were New Schooled?

How would you know?

If you've been New Schooled:

  1. Your dialogue is around how to change, not how to hold on to what’s worked in the past.

  2. Your connections continue to grow and evolve beyond your traditional circles.

  3. You act transparently, even when no one is watching.

  4. You no longer seek to be the focal point of questions and answers.

  5. You welcome the input of non-traditional constituents and stakeholders.

  6. Collaboration is a level playing field where give-and-take is open and non-threatening.

  7. Thinking and practice are no longer defined by hierarchies, roles and demographics.

  8. Inclusiveness isn’t just representative; it’s all-encompassing.

  9. Outcomes aren’t pre-determined; you are open to whereever the journey takes you.

10. You are generation-agnostic; all talents and experiences are welcome, regardless of age.

Sounds straightforward enough…right?

But it’s easier said than done; especially for our generation. Baby-boomers know very different paths to personal and career success…which were tried and true in the last half of the last century. Professionals 40-and-under enjoy a new way to act and innovate and be effective and successful. It's new school…a distinct shift away from our old school ways.

Do you have to get New Schooled? No. You’ve earned the right to remain old school. No one can stop any of us from sailing off into the sunset set in our ways.

But if you intend to leave a legacy that is vibrant and vital for the next generation, you’re going to have to let go and learn New School ways.

I’m trying to learn it and work it every day. The first step for me is to be open to being taught…to being New Schooled by those who live it and breathe it. It keeps me young and nimble and excited about the possibilities.

It is not easy. My old school ways continually tug on me for attention. I need to be mindful of those tendencies and resist them, which (depending on the day) can be exhausting!

The payoff? I’m grateful to still be learning and growing and relevant. And I have faith that I am fostering a legacy that will make a difference to those who come after me. New’s an acquired taste...and I like it!


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12 Apr 17, 10:44 AM

Walter, This supports quality. Cheers to you.

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14 Apr 17, 07:14 PM

Thank you, Lee Anna! I hope the spring finds you doing well and new schooled! :D

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