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Mary Sherlach

In the face of thunder

Many folks just run away

They seek out safer places

Where they huddle and they pray.

And then there are the angels

That keep us safe and warm

They shine a light in darkness

They lead us through the storm.

The storm that came that day

Was unlike any other

There was no time to think

No time to run for cover.

Mary Sherlach faced the storm

That, in a flash, released

So many souls, so many lights

From the barrel of the beast.

And all the while the storm raged through

On this cold December morn

The brightness grew around us

From all the angels born.

So on this day of honor

Of our heroic angel lights

I’d like to remember Mary

As the brightest of the bright.

She exemplified the courage

That our profession requires

She’s the kind of educator

To which I myself aspire.

Her bold acts give us solace

And lifelong inspiration

And she deserves from all of us

An exuberant ovation.

And when the clouds part ways again

Revealing shafts of sun
Giving way to rainbows showing

The healing has begun.

Rest in honor, Mary

Your bright light will always shine.

Your memory, at peace, lives on

In our hearts and minds.

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