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Lauren Rousseau

Lauren Rousseau represents every new, young teachers’ hopes and dreams. Actually she represents every teachers’ hopes and dreams. We want to inspire and to motivate. We want to teach and to make a difference. She was hired as a long-term substitute teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary just a couple of months before she was taken away from her loved-ones.

She made a difference though.

Her life is imprinted on every teacher’s heart. Each day they wake up, go to school, and teach their students. They are doing it for what she lived and dreamed of...a better future for our children. I thank her for for doing what she did - the unimaginable. She protected lives. She saved lives but gave her own. She did something that can never be forgotten; she went to war and came home a hero...even though she never signed up for that.

She made a difference.

She wasn’t only a teacher. She was a daughter and a sister. A girlfriend and a friend. A neighbor and a passerby. She meant something to someone. She means something to everyone. She will always mean something. Her life was precious. She was and is still loved.

She continues to make a difference: to those who knew her, to those who have come to know her over this past year, to those who are inspired by the difference she made. Including me.

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