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In Memory of Jessica Rekos

67039686.jpgJessica's legacy continues to shine bright through people, places, and communications. As a former Newtown resident and teacher, my husband and I had the privilege to teach her uncle, Brian Rekos, whose twinkle and smile remind me of this sweet girl. The hope, love, and generosity she shared was remarkable for her young years and captivated all that knew her — individuals, horses, whales. How can you be connected to a six year old girl that you never met? When you visit the playground built in her honor in Fairfield, CT, you  see her personality embrace all who come here to play, to remember, and to enjoy the precious present moments.

What I know to be true from personal heartaches and devastation is to appreciate this moment even in the darkest hour. Newtown residents continue to lead by example by honoring the legacy of every child through spaces that engender love and and laughter.  I am Newtown. 628x471.jpg

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