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In Memory of: James Mattioli

Dear J.,

I’ve been reading a lot about you lately. I’ve discovered that you were a kid that liked sports, spiky hair, and hamburgers with lots of ketchup. I know you loved school and math and your big sister, Anna. I know your teachers and friends and family thought you were pretty awesome. I think you’re pretty awesome too.

I sit here this morning exploring a very liminal space with me on one side and you on the other. I’m sure it’s a place your parents and family and friends have been multiple times over the last year. I desperately want to know why even though I know in my heart that there is no answer to that question. So that leaves me wondering what next?

  • For one thing, I found out that a playground is being built in your honor. A group of really cool people are building playgrounds for all of the children, one for each of you and your friends.

  • Another cool thing is that the Newtown Football team is playing in honor of you and the other kids, even changing their colors to the Sandy Hook palette for the season. They’ve had a really good run this year, 12-1. You would have loved it.

  • Your parents also set up a fund in your honor so that they can support the things you loved so much. (℅ Newtown Savings Bank, Newtown, CT)

This weekend there will no doubt be many tributes to you and your classmates and I hope those will go on for years. I just wanted you to know that wherever your light is today, across that liminal space, people around the world are thinking about you and figuring out ways to keep your light shining bright for a long, long time to come.

By the way, we’ve got a 6 year old in our house too...and she loves a lot of the same stuff you do, minus the spiky hair, and with much more of the ketchup.

You’re an angel to us all.

Love and peace,

Mike Fisher

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