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In Memory of: Anne Marie Murphy

On the Facebook Remembrance page for Anne Marie Murphy, there is a picture that asks that we “Remember the Guardians.” Truly, Guardian is the best word to describe Anne Marie, as she was both a special education teacher and a hero.

Heroes like Anne Marie are in classrooms across the world today, willing to do whatever it takes to protect the children in their charge.

From what I can gather online about Anne Marie, she was an inspiration to all her knew her, particularly the students. One student in particular, Dylan Hockley, was found in her arms when first responders arrived.

She liked walking and the arts. She was the devoted mother of four children. And she was a teacher. She was a teacher that gave her life to protect the children that she taught and loved.

I care about her light continuing to shine in this world. I care about maintaining conversations of heroism about her and the other teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary. On this Sandy Hook Remembrance Day, I want all educators to think about their roles as heroes to the children they teach.

Godspeed, Anne Marie. You are truly a guardian.

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