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Follow, Follow, Follow!

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Social media has taken the world by storm. Almost everyone I know uses some form of social media to connect, learn, share, or stay current. It has taught us to be mindful of sources, and “fake news”. Social media does harm, just as any other form of communication. Our children are growing up in a world of virtual social opportunities, and it is merely impossible to monitor all of the various avenues out there. The most important thing we can do is model digital citizenship for our kids and the community by becoming transparent by modeling positive ways to use social media. Educators...we can no longer work in silos, nor can we learn in them. Our kids are watching, and we need to show them the positive power of social media. So get out there, find out what your passwords are, and start connecting! Let’s focus on the best form of social media for educators...let’s dive into the world of Twitter!

Educators have united on Twitter through various hashtags, chats, and through the sharing of resources. In my opinion, it is one of the best places to go for learning, IF you follow the right people and organizations! Your news feed must have the information that will help you grow as a person, leader, and educator. Personal development is just as important as professional development, so make sure you have balance. Search for your favorite authors, speakers, and organizations to follow! It is not about who follows you, but who you can follow in order to grow your personal learning network.

Your Profile is important in order for people to feel connected. Share your role in education, your location, hashtags you like, etc. in order to grow a network of people you want to learn with on a day to day basis. Spice up your profile...don’t leave the avatar there! Upload a header and a profile picture, along with information about your background. This will help people know who you are.

Transparency of your learning is one of the most important things you can model for others. Making improvements in your practice will serve not only yourself, but kids and coworkers. It is a win-win for all! Show the world you are a learner and a collaborator. Grow your voice in order to share with and inspire others. One of the excuses I have heard many times is, “I don’t have time to scroll on Twitter or any other social media.” My thoughts on this… you can’t afford NOT to use this way of learning. It is literally personal learning in your pocket that is current and relevant to topics in education today. There are no longer excuses for choosing not to be connected. We are doing kids a disservice if we avoid it.

Find your Twitter Tribe today! Follow others and build your network so you can be a better version of yourself. The time is now…


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