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20 Signs You Might Be a Discipline Problem

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One of my favorite definitions of a discipline problem is “whenever a behavior interferes with the teaching act, interferes with the rights of others to learn, is psychologically or physically unsafe, or destroys property” (Levin and Nolan, 1996).

That means, not only can students be discipline problems, but we can sometimes be inadvertent discipline problems as well.

Sometimes, we can interfere with students’ right to learn because we are unprepared, stray off topic, or interrupt them while they are working for something that could have waited. Other time, there is a legitimate discipline problem with students and how we handle that problem escalates things to the point where we become the discipline problem too.

We all get frustrated with our students, but how we handle that frustration may mean the difference between creating or escalating a discipline problem or refocusing the students on what’s really important – learning.

Click here for 20 Signs You Might Be a Discipline Problem. If you answer no to one or more of the questions below, you might be a discipline problem.

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