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Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most

Nationally, almost one third of students fail to graduate on time from high school. A third of those that do graduate are unprepared to succeed in college or in the workforce. Those sobering statistics were the impetus for new research from McREL that identifies a framework most likely to have positive effects on student success.

In this broadcast for School Leadership Briefing, Bryan Goodwin, vice president for communications at McREL, the education research, consulting and professional services provider, discusses the report, “Changing the Odds for Student Success: What Matters Most.” As Goodwin explains, the goal of McREL’s research was to go beyond merely identifying “what works,” because there are a lot of ways to improve student outcomes that work; the problem is that they don’t work well enough to produce the real changes that are needed to improve high school graduation rates, and preparation for college or the workforce. Goodwin discusses how McREL’s research has identified the specific principles and practices that schools can use to fundamentally change the odds for all students.


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28 Jan 12, 10:55 PM

I am looking for a suitable DVD to share with staff on differentiated instruction. I am open to suggestions.

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17 Nov 11, 02:53 AM

As a leader we most share new ideas every student is different so must use every tool that we have to help that student for success.

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